17 Mar 2020


Regarding the decision of the National Assembly from 13.03.2020. and the state of emergency declared for the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, please bear in mind the following:

For the period of the state of emergency, the office of Law firm Tsvetkova & Partners will only receive clients in an emergency case and upon prior appointment by telephone. All inquiries and consultations will be carried out by telephone and e-mail. You can find the contacts of each one of us on the website.

We would also like to inform you about the decision of the Supreme Judicial Council, upon which the following extraordinary measures are taken:

1. All civil and commercial cases shall be suspended for the period of the declared state of emergency from March 16th 2020 to April 13th 2020, with the exception of:

- Cases for exercising parental rights only regarding interim measures;

- Cases under the Domestic Violence Protection Act, only regarding an order for immediate protection or amendment of such order, as well as in cases where the request for protection is rejected;

- Permits for withdrawal of child deposits;

- Cases for admission of collateral for future and pending claim; - Evidence securing cases; - Requests under the Electronic Communications Act (WEU) and Art. 19, par. 6, in connection with par. 5 of the Commercial Register Act, in connection with Art. 536 of the Civil procedure code.

2. All types of administrative cases for the period of the declared state of emergency March 16th 2020 - April 13th 2020 shall be suspended, except for:

- Cases under Art. 60 and Art. 166 of the Administrative Procedure Code (Cases initiated upon appeals against directions whereby anticipatory enforcement is admitted or refused; Cases initiated upon motions for staying of anticipatory enforcement admitted in administrative act );  

- The cases under Art. 75 and Art. 155 of the Tax Code and Social Insurance Procedure Code (Proceedings on disclosure of tax and insurance information; Requests for suspension of the execution of an audit act);

- The cases under Article 72 of the Law on the Ministry of Interior; (Contesting the lawfulness of police custody of a person).

- Cases for admission of collateral of future and pending claims; - Evidence securing cases.

Information about cases shall be received only by telephone and from the website of the respective court. Documents can only be deposited by mail or e-mail.

Also, a bill was submitted to the National Assembly to suspend the deadlines for civil, administrative, criminal and enforcement proceedings during the state of emergency. When the bill is voted on and promulgated, all those deadlines will stop running until the state of emergency is canceled.

We will publish up-to-date information on our website regarding the legal aspects of the state of emergency and its impact in the various fields of activity.

The team of Law Firm Tsvetkova & Partners expresses its readiness to assist Bulgarian citizens in overcoming the consequences of the crisis by proposing timely and adequate measures.

*The information provided doesn not, and it is not intended to, constitute legal advice, but expresses the view of the author on the matter. Legal advices for a case could be provided only after its complete examination.

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