Employment law

In the field of Labour Law “Tzvetkova & Partners” Law Firm has extensive experience advising clients in all matters of employment and employment-related law.

We offer advice and assistance to our clients. In particular, in the following areas:

  • We advise on issues arising at each stage of the employment relationship including recruitment, retention and dismissal and on restructuring and protecting businesses against competition. We also advise on compliance with law, employee benefits, share incentive structures and the implementation of effective compensation and severance arrangements.
  • assisting companies in relocating their business to Bulgaria; immigration law issues and residence and labor permits;
  • Legal assistance and advice in the transformation of commercial companies and business reorganization including mergers, acquisitions, transferring companies when these actions also require staff restructuring;
  • Advice and litigation in pension funds related matters;
  • Drafting collective and individual employment contracts, additional agreements and other necessary documents required in connection with the labour legislation;
  • Drafting of internal documents related to the management the labour process, including: internal regulations, guidelines for employees, remuneration and bonuses policies, etc.;
  • Legal consultation for workers, employees and employers on all matters related to employment law and insurance issues;
  • Assistance in negotiations between employers and workers/employees for the extrajudicial settlement of employment disputes;
  • Legal protection of workers, employees and employers in employment disputes in the courts of all instances