Liquidation and Insolvency


Our team provides comprehensive advice and solutions concerning problems of commercial insolvency. The legal services in this area include:

  • Consultation regarding possible risks of insolvency and over-indebtedness of companies and their trade partners;
  • We offer suitable options to address the state of undercapitalization or over-indebtedness of companies;
  • Consulting managers on their obligations associated with possible insolvency proceedings;
  • Consultation regarding insolvency proceedings;
  • Drafting legal documents regarding the initiation and proper conduct of the insolvency proceedings;
  • Litigation and legal assistance in initiating and conducting insolvency proceedings;
  • Claims related to insolvency;
  • Representation of creditors before the board of creditors  and at court hearings related to insolvency;
  • Drafting recovery plans and agreements with the creditors for the restructuring of debts;
  • Defense at proceedings for property redemption, etc;
  • Defense of foreign creditors at insolvency proceedings of local traders;
  • Drafting a comprehensive legal analysis (due diligence) of companies undergoing insolvency proceedings.


The law firm offers qualified assistance in the implementation of the liquidation procedure. We provide services related to:

  • Preparation of documents for liquidation of a company or a cooperation;
  • Convening and holding general meetings of partners or shareholders – consulting clients in connection with making optimal decisions for the implementation and completion of the liquidation procedure;
  • Selection and appointment of a liquidator, consultation on the activities of the liquidator;
  • Consultations in all transactions and activities related to the liquidation of existing property, including company debt collection, implementation of its obligations and allocation of the collected funds between the partners;
  • Consultations on settlement of the relations between the partners and drafting and submitting the necessary documents for removing the trader from the commercial register;
  • We offer comprehensive assistance in closing branches of foreign traders and trade agencies;
  • Preparation of comprehensive analysis (due diligence) of companies undergoing insolvency or liquidation procedures.